Not every school is fortunate enough to have a one to one (student to computer) ratio in the classroom, but this school is now finally on their way to connect with the world and share their story!

Fuel Grammar School is a one of the many schools founded by Fuel Foundation here in India. It was designed specifically to provide free education to orphaned children and students in high poverty. There are currently a total of 80 children at this school with 5 teachers on staff including the principal. CCC's founder, Kayla Angstadt, had the opportunity to begin the foundations of connections with this school as well as become fully immersed in their rich and unique culture.

Through a donation made by TGaS Advisors, LLC, CCC was able to deliver 15 laptops to this foundation. In this school is where students (and teachers) began their very first computer class. Students eagerly and patiently listened to the teacher's translated instructions regarding use and proper care. Then, classes quickly evolved into doing the "fun stuff", Google Earth and Maps.

Using street view for the first time.

For the first time, students explored Google Earth and delighted in the ability to navigate around the world. They were elated in recognizing familiar places as well as expanding their horizons to others. Unfortunately, the internet was incredibly limited to which our daily classes ended in the simple pleasure of Microsoft Paint, allowing students to gain their dexterity of the controls by drawing pictures of their friends and teachers.

The students were very curious where I was from!

The teachers and administrators of Fuel Foundation are incredibly dedicated to their work. Teachers work in challenging conditions yet always are capable of making their students smile. Fuel Foundation hopes to continue their work of enhancing old schools and establishing new ones throughout India.

Vijaya and Anand, Founders of Fuel Foundation

The head of school, Anand and his wife, Vijaya have been dedicated to student success over 20 years. They both worked as teachers, Anand 15 years and Vijaya 20, before Anand started the Fuel Foundation where he serves as head of school at Fuel Grammar School and his wife, who continues to be a teacher.

Fuel Foundation also currently is working to improve the conditions of multiple schools in village communities in the state of Telangana. Their latest projects are two schools in the villages of Sindol and Velmakanne. Their goal is to remodel schools that have no furniture, no paint on the walls, and no play ground equipment.  Many of the schools also have no toilets, something that causes girls to drop out of school in their later years of elementary. Fuel Foundation constantly works to provide a better education to hundreds of students around Telangana.

Currently, Fuel Foundation is working to finish their main school in Hyderabad. This includes finishing the roof and building the remaining classrooms. This will allow them to bring more students in need to their school. Thanks to our Connect to Affect: India fundraiser held in the Stratis office in East Falls, Philadelphia, this work is now almost fully completed.

The team members of CCC would like to extend a huge thank you to TGaS Advisors, LLC for their generous donation of 15 HP laptops. Many of the laptops will remain at Fuel Grammar School where they have internet. The remaining laptops will go to neighboring schools in villages for teachers to use for various resources. In January of 2019, students in Fuel Grammar School will connect with other students around the world through our CCC program. We delight in the thought of what opportunities will come from the near future. Stay tuned!