The Global Citizens bracelets have been making a movement around the world. This project initially began as a grassroots fundraiser in Turrialba, Costa Rica. Students were making connections to their penpal connections in Allentown, Pennsylvania however the unreliable internet and old computer hardware made it incredibly challenging to host video calls or even send emails.

We came up with the solution that we needed new technology to enhance our connection. What started as a 2 class project, quickly spread around to the classrooms and all students wanted to participate. A school-wide competition concluded in over 1,000 bracelets. Students were so excited and they wanted to sell them amongst their community as well as their peers. The students in Pennsylvania wanted to continue their connection and in their writings offered to help sell the bracelets as well. Students made enough money to purchase 15 laptop Google Chromebooks. The following year they earned 5 tablets to assist in continuing  research. The connections became even stronger as the higher quality of technology became present.

This fundraiser has become an empowering and enjoyable activity that we do in each school where the students are the ones who make a positive impact on their school. It demonstrates to them how their hard work and efforts literally pay off in the long run. Bracelets have been made in multiple schools in Costa Rica, India, New Zealand, and more.

100% of the proceeds from these bracelets go to purchase the necessary technology that meets the specific needs of each school. Once schools goals are met, the remaining money is put towards new schools in need. Much developmental work has been accomplished in schools in India as well as indigenous schools of Costa Rica thanks to the kindness of the other students in other countries around the world.

We thank you for your donations and we hope that these unique bracelets helps serve as a reminder that we are all connected.