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Costa Rica and Florida

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The five 2nd grade classrooms of Aloma Elementary of Winter Park Florida have been connecting with the elementary students of Centro Educativo Jorge Debravo in Turrialba, Costa Rica on multiple occasions these past two years, making it one of our strongest connections yet! During the Research phase, students used Google Maps to locate the connecting school, their own school, and the relation of their countries. The picture on the right is a student seeing his house using the satellite view for the first time! In the Record phase, students had been sharing multiple videos about their school, their community, and even about themselves in our latest ‘About Me’ Activity to provide insight on the daily lives in their respective countries. Throughout their letters on Google Drive, the students in Turrialba were very curious to learn about how the day-to-day school schedule varied from theirs as well as the different type of wildlife found in Florida.  The students in Aloma were extremely interested in the volcano just outside of their school.

During the video meetings, students were overwhelmingly excited to finally meet the classrooms they had been writing. The Costa Rican students practiced their best English as they asked and answered questions to their new friends in Florida.  Lastly in the Reflect stage, students really made progress in the understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. Students produced high quality reflection journals and created in class discussions about how all citizens of the world should be treated equally. We look forward to our next connection with a new batch of students in the same schools this following October!



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