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Fuel Grammar School

For the past three years, Cross Cultural Connect has worked with Fuel Grammar School in Hyderabad, India, one of the many schools founded by Fuel Foundation to provide free education to orphaned children and high-poverty students. There are 80 children in attendance at Fuel Grammar School with five teachers on staff, including the principal. Cross Cultural Connect has raised money each year for projects that helped finish the building’s construction, provided technology and internet to the school, and funded professional development sessions.

This year, the pandemic forced Fuel Grammar School in India to close for most of the school year. Students were unable to attend, and with no internet in their homes, they were also unable to continue their education. The school faces permanent closure over the next few months as financial struggles arise. CCC intends to provide donations to the school while creating and implementing a plan that will allow the school to become self-sufficient over the next year. School costs, including teacher salaries, electricity, supplies, and general maintenance, total $6,000 a year.

The head of school, Anand, and his wife, Vijaya, have dedicated themselves to student success for the last 20 years. They both worked as teachers, Anand for 15 years and Vijaya for 20, before Anand started the Fuel Foundation, where he now serves as head of school at Fuel Grammar School. Vijaya continues to serve as a teacher there.

Fuel Foundation also works to improve the conditions of multiple schools in village communities in the state of Telangana. They work to remodel schools with no furniture, no paint on the walls, and no playground equipment.  Many schools also have no toilets, which causes girls to drop out of school in their later years of elementary. Fuel Foundation continually works to provide better education to hundreds of students around Telangana.

Cross Cultural Creations

Cross Cultural Creations are student designed and created items that are sold through student connections in order to better the student’s overall education and connection program.

Student’s in two unique schools in Costa Rica created bracelets crafted from local wood and seeds. After creating over 900 bracelets, student’s sent their finished products to their connections in Pennsylvania. These students are currently raising awareness for their new friends in Costa Rica. When all of the bracelets were sold, we were able to purchase 16 laptop computers for the city school and a printer and projector for the indigenous school. These schools are now able able to connect more efficiently in their future connections.

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