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Cross Cultural Connect’s mission is to provide students with authentic learning experiences in the areas of language, culture, and technology through a customizable, standards-based curriculum. Combining authentic teaching methods with multicultural education and language learning, CCC created an interactive curriculum that molds into the everyday curriculum of the common classroom.

Recent Connections

Costa Rica and Florida

The five 2nd grade classrooms of Aloma Elementary of Winter Park Florida have been connecting with the elementary students of Centro Educativo Jorge Debravo in Turrialba, Costa Rica on multiple occasions these past two years, making it one of our strongest connections yet! During the Research phase, students used Google Maps to locate the connecting […]

Turrialba and Yoldi Kicha, Costa Rica

Yoldi Kicha in the native language of Cabecar means, “roots of the waterfall”. This indigenous community has been living amongst the land well before it was called “Costa Rica”. In the mountains of the area now named Alto Pacuare, a one-room schoolhouse comprised of 15 elementary students work silently as their teacher writes their lessons […]

Costa Rica and Pennsylvania

Students in 9th and 10th grade English classes in Colegio Jorge DeBravo, Turrialba, Costa Rica connected with 10th grade Spanish class students in Parkland High School, Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Costa Rican students were already studying different society and gender roles throughout the world and were especially inquisitive about the different societies in Pennsylvania, such as […]


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